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Personalized Light Up Halloween Buckets - LED Light Up Buckets - Personalized Trick Or Treating Buckets

Regular price $15.00

Due to COVID-19 we will not be selling our Light Up HAlloween Buckets this year. So sorry for the inconvenience


Light-up trick or treat buckets are here!! These buckets are made of double walled plastic and light up with 3 AA batteries (that are included). They are 8" wide by 6.75" tall (not including the detachable handle).
-Decorated in outdoor high quality vinyl. - Due to the construction of the buckets being hollow to allow for the lights the decal may have some slight bubbling underneath. We do our best to press out any and all bubbles, but due to the lack of hard surface some small ones may still be present
-Approx 6 inches deep and 8 inches in diameter.
-On off switch located on the bottom of the bucket.
-The lights are inside of the plastic, so not accessible to little fingers.

Buckets with Designs/Names are $15
Custom Design Requests are $17
Blank Buckets are $10